Britannia’s Planning & Development Committee is responsible for managing Britannia’s planning process on behalf of the Britannia Board of Management. The committee seeks to involve the many community members who use Britannia’s services and facilities in planning the future redevelopment of Britannia’s 18-acre complex.

In the recent past, the Planning & Development Committee has gathered broad input from Britannia users, students, staff, members of the Britannia Board, and many residents of the Grandview-Woodland and Strathcona communities, through focus groups, surveys and community-engagement exercises.

Our site partners (the City of Vancouver, the Park Board, the School Board, and the Vancouver Public Library) and community organizations have also been involved in envisioning the future, along with professional groups such as DGBK Architects, Hughes Condon Marler (architects) and Phillips Farevaag Smallenberg (planners). The UBC School of Community and Regional Planning and individuals, including former City of Vancouver Planning Director Ray Spaxman, have also added their thoughts and expertise.

The Britannia renewal project is part of the City of Vancouver’s long term Capital Plan. The Planning & Development Committee wishes to continue invigorating the planning process by gathering input from a wide range of community members, Britannia users and stakeholders, and, of course, Britannia staff and members of the Society’s Board of Management.

Activities will include a review of the many key documents developed in the recent past to assist the renewal process, and an exploration of other community-service facilities in the Metro Vancouver region for ideas and inspiration. See Site Visits for more on our field trips.

How you can get involved

The Planning & Development Committee meets monthly and is always open to new volunteers. Community planning events and other information-gathering activities also need your support.

If you would like to join, please contact us at 604.718.5800 or

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For Britannia’s renewal project, the Planning & Development Committee reports to the Britannia Board of Management and works closely with its partners, which include the City of Vancouver, the Vancouver Park Board, the Vancouver School Board, and the Vancouver Public Library. P&D is a committee of interested community participants and Britannia staff, and is chaired by a member of the Britannia Board. The committee meets monthly and recommends to the Board activities and strategies relating to the long-term development of Britannia.

Now that capital funds have been officially allocated to Britannia’s redevelopment by the City of Vancouver, the Planning & Development Committee is working hard to drive the renewal process forward. Its work includes shaping and executing the community consultation process and spearheading renewal activities, while keeping the long-term vision of Britannia alive in the community.