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The Britannia Renewal Master Plan directs project partners to seek opportunities to incorporate non-market housing on site to provide critically needed homes for community members. However, project partners understand that there is no consensus in the community regarding the addition of non-market housing through the Britannia Renewal.

There have been no decisions made regarding height, density, or the number of units at this time. Britannia Community Services Centre Society (BCSCS) Board of Management supported the Master Plan with the expectation of continued dialogue on the suitability of non-market housing for the site. Read BCSCS’s response to this.

Building on the work and engagement completed to date on the Master Plan, the project team is now working with community to develop site options including non-market housing in preparation for the rezoning application. During this phase of work, we are seeking input on housing needs in the Grandview-Woodland neighbourhood and surrounding areas. We are also looking for feedback on what project partners need to consider to successfully integrate non-market housing with community facilities on the Britannia site.


For more information, read our Community Conversations: Non-Market Housing FAQ.

It’s hard to say. The intent is to redevelop the site piece by piece in order to allow the continued use of services. However, the degree to which this will be possible will have to be worked out with our site partners as the plan for redevelopment progresses. It is possible that some services will need to close temporarily in order to undertake construction of new facilities.

It has begun. We are in the process of conducting consultation and engagement with the community and our site partners (the City of Vancouver, the Park Board, the School Board, and the Vancouver Public Library). As the renewal process unfolds, we will post updates about the timeline on this website, but you may want to sign up for our information e-mails, which will be a good way to be sure you’re kept in the loop.

Yes. All members of the community are invited to join the Planning & Development Committee. Please visit the Planning & Development Committee Page on this website to see our meeting schedule and to review past meeting minutes.

Discussion of the need to renew the Britannia site has been ongoing since the late 1990s. The Planning & Development Committee has been working toward a renewal of the site since the early 2000s. In 2005, a needs assessment was undertaken; no one was surprised when it revealed that the site has too little programming space, given the number and range of users. Happily, funds were earmarked through the City of Vancouver Capital Plan process in the 2014 civic election.

The document “Need and Rationale for Renewal,” which can be found in the Document Library, lists the reasons for redesigning and redeveloping the site. This document summarizes the needs arising from all the assessments and consultations that have been done since the late 1990s at Britannia.

The Planning & Development Committee has developed a detailed consultation plan, also in the Document Library, which sets out how Britannia and its site partners will consult with the various community groups — including those from the Downtown Eastside, Strathcona, RayCam, and Hastings-Sunrise. Community members and stakeholder groups will be invited into the process, and there will be time and opportunity for participants to comment on all aspects of the renewal plan. Our site partners may also be doing their own community consultation separately from ours.

In the 2014 civic election, residents of Vancouver voted to add Britannia to the Capital Plan.

The first phase of work will commence in the 2015–2018 Capital Plan, following a thorough consultation process, and be completed during the first half of the 2019–2022 Capital Plan. Investments in this phase of work [are] estimated to be $75 to $100 million over two capital plans, of which $25 million is included in the 2015–2018 Capital Plan.

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