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Norma Rose Point Elementary, UBC Endowment Lands

May 1, 2015

This new elementary school opened in October 2014. It is a beautiful and well-designed facility. A few of us thought we could just pick the school up and plunk it down on the Britannia site and it would make a terrific part of our new community centre. Its use of colour, of wood (glue-lam beams, paneling, and sheathing), and of glass (and lots of light) made it very appealing and warm. Some of the beauty of the space was in the post-construction painting, decorating, and furnishing, but many features were in the design and construction of the building itself. Much of the outside of the school is sheathed in wood.


  • Glass garage-door-style dividers to make multi-purpose rooms work.
  • Lots of wood (especially glu-lam beams).
  • Lots of light.
  • Noise-baffling panels are used in high-traffic areas and are successful.