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I belong to a community of caring people and at the end of the day, what more can one ask for?

Cylia Wong

I discovered Britannia Community Centre many years ago. I actually live closer to Trout Lake Community Centre and explored briefly their seniors group. It wasn’t anything specific AND I just felt that I didn’t quite fit in—being a fairly active senior with a lot of energy and drive.

I decided to check out what Britannia had to offer. As I didn’t know anyone other than Britannia staff, I found the courage to walk into the doors of the 55+ Centre one afternoon and it was a move that would change my life. Like I say “showing up is the first step.” Yes, there was that awkwardness of being “new” to a group and I found a seat at the table, and over time I felt that I belonged.

Pre-Covid, I also joined other volunteers providing an economical hot lunch to folks in need Mondays and Fridays, offered help with tax returns to low income earners, helped serve snacks at Britannia Library for their art exhibits, and occasionally helped at an event or two.

As I was on the volunteer role at Britannia and had my security clearance in place, during Covid I was asked whether I could help out then. I was one of many volunteers helping provide healthy boxes of food to self-isolating seniors and others in need. This activity kept me sane as it gave me an opportunity to get outside, collaborate with people safely and I was contributing to my community.

So why is Britannia important? Because they strive to provide low barrier opportunities to everyone and this has been especially exhibited during Covid. Kudos go to the staff and the board who have gone above and beyond. I belong to a community of caring people and at the end of the day, what more can one ask for?