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Spaces & Places Workshop: Recreation – Jun 17

Time June 17, 2017 @12:00-3:00pm

Location Gym D

Interested in the future of Britannia’s recreation spaces?
Come and share your ideas with the design team!

Recreation is a key part of life at Britannia. Help us imagine what kind of recreation spaces a renewed Britannia could offer the community for things like skating, swimming, fitness centre, gym activities and all the other activities Britannia supports today. Help shape the future of recreation spaces and programming!

· Introduction to the workshop, the Britannia Renewal process, and to clarify the focus on recreation at Britannia.
· A presentati on on exciting examples of different types of recreation facilities and spaces locally and from around the world.
· Mapping exercise where participants are asked to draw a map of
Britannia, and identify what kind of recreational activities take place where at Britannia.
· Day-in-the-Life exercise where participants are invited to map out the various recreation programs and activities that take place at Britannia through the day and night.
· Year-at-Britannia exercise where participants are invited to map
recreation activities and events held throughout the year.
· Working in small groups participants will be asked the following
– What do you LOVE about Britannia’s recreation programs, facilities
and spaces?
– What would you CHANGE about Britannia’s recreation programs,
facilities and spaces?
– What kinds of recreation programs, facilities and spaces would you
like to SEE in a renewed Britannia?
· Participants will work in small groups on a collage activity to create a vision of recreation facilities for Britannia.
· Each small group is then invited to present a summary. After hearing all the proposed ideas, participants will vote on their three favourite ideas.